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Weinman approaches each case with full attention and dedication to protect your interests. SHE STOPS AT NOTHING to achieve the desired result. Weinman will listen and assist you in getting your needs met. She has committed over 25 years to zealously advocating for others and giving them the voice they so deserve.

Weinman combines her experience in criminal law and her expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's to provide the unique service of Autism Legal Consulting to attorneys and psychologists preparing for a criminal trial.

Weinman also provides trainings and workshops to Law Enforcement Officers on how to interact and better engage with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Experience Speaks for Itself

As a former Philadelphia Prosecutor, Weinman  has a leg up on her opponents by knowing first-hand the District Attorney's secret tactics and how police officers think and conduct themselves in the courtroom. And, as a Prosecutor, she gained the respect of judges and colleagues for being tough and assertive. In representing you for a criminal, autism or school matter, Weinman is a master at getting around systems. So, if you have a legal problem, Weinman will help you find a solution.  Also, after raising a child with Asperger's, she is recognized as an authority on Asperger's and Autism Spectrum Disorder. To learn more about her story, visit

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Carol S. Weinman, Esq.